For your examination we've attached the original US Treasury Auction Bill of Sale.

In the interest of family privacy, the bidder's name has been redacted.

See below for the story behind this purchase.

     Come back in time to 1979; the height of the great Australian opal boom. That's when these beauties were mined. Unlike today, "precious" opal was plentiful, and it is from these origins that was formed today's familiar understanding of what opal should look like; electric, multi-colored and light. Most people have never seen, nor can afford, black opal; far too many have been sold on the idea that inexpensive Ethiopian opal is the standard in quality and that Australian opal, the world's recognized true standard, is all gone or unavailable. The most irritating gemstone to photograph, the brilliant flashes emanating from within instantly demand attention at any gathering....and make it the most exciting of all gems. Diamonds are common. When confronted with a fine Australian opal, the diamond bows.

     What you have been viewing is a shipment of some of the very best light opal ever produced. Mined, cut and polished in Coober Pedy, it was shipped to America; only to be confiscated by U.S. Customs, we know not why, held for five years and put up for auction in 1984. That's when they were acquired by our family, and passed down for disbursement at this time to dealers and the general public. All are finished to the jewelry industry's most popular calibrated sizes. The range of options they provide the creative designer, as either stand alone or accent pieces, greatly expands any artisan's palette.

     Of the thousands of pieces in this "Times Square Collection" you will not find one that is crazed or cracked...a typical and valued characteristic of Australian opals. Thus they will retain their stunningly captivating appeal, from generation to generation. Heirloom grade!


Our entire full spectrum collection exceeds 2100 individual opals.

Shop around. Australian opal is almost impossible to find anywhere.

More rare is precious opal with a hint of prized red.

Our Australian Opals are loaded with red.


When they're gone; they're gone!


     For unprecedented close ups of vintage red Coober Pedy opals, cut and polished to perfection in Australia, turn your zoom up to 150% using the 3 horizontal lines in the upper right corner of your computer screen, and then mouse over each frame to activate our

on-board jeweler's loupe.

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