Wishing for an Opal



Praying it's Australian





Only Rare, Red, Precious Australian

Light Crystal Opals

Box 7
Box 7

"The Universe Spins in Their Hearts!"

Box 7
Box 7

Opal Perfection Defined

100% Pure Rainbow Color-Play


Clear crystal is the perfect playground

for ever-changing "diffused hues" and "breathtaking blasts" of vibrant colors.

As you can clearly see, alone or in a group, each opal pours out its soul.

Box 7
Box 7
Box 7

Vintage 1979 - Coober Pedy - 38 Years Stable - Heirloom Grade

 Rare - Uncirculated - Untreated - Natural - Solid - Pristine

Amazing Clarity - Distinctive Character - Captivating Directionality


"We will not have a dissatisfied customer!"


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Exquisite Opal.


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